Who we are

Alchemy Beverages have been based in the East Cape for over 20 year. We were there to witness the first sunrise of the millenium. During the years we have seen a few more sunrises and sunsets and Alchemy has grown and diversified. The Company now produces and markets  honey beverages internationally, including Mead, Bellini, Frizzante, Mead infused Ciders, liqueurs and honey/ fruit sodas 

You will find Manuka Honey at the front and center of all our beverages, after all Honey is the Elixir of life and Manuka Honey reigns above all others. Our parent company New Zealand Manuka Group is a leading developer of Manuka based products to global and domestic markets. 

Dennis Greeks

Wine Maker

Dennis Greeks has been producing Mead since the late 90’s having cut his teeth in the early years producing cider. Dennis now overseas the production of a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for domesic and international markets

.….all of which hero East Cape Manuka Honey

“Dennis is a passionate East Caper .....and will be found exploring the mountains, rivers and fishing spots when he is not making wine
Dennis lives in Gisborne with his wife Kerry and 2 daughters

Barry Foster

Bee Keeper

 Barry Foster has been a beekeeper since the age of twelve when he first put on a bee veil and promptly found a bee had flown in side as well. From this initial stinging experience working with his Father who was also a beekeeper and like past generations of his Family Barry has built a life time experience with beekeeping in New Zealand.


 As a commercial beekeeper Barry built a business to over one thousand hives with factory employing two full time workers plus himself. Since 2013 Barry has been downsizing to the one hundred odd hives that he runs today.


Barry was a member of the executive of the National Beekeepers Association from 2002 to 2013 including two years as President from 2011 to 2013. He spent nine years on the Board of the AFB PMP from 2002 to 2011. Was elected to the Board of Apiculture NZ in 2016 and became Chair the ApiNZ Science & Research Focus Group and Technical Focus Group which he still is chairman. Barry is interested in all aspects of beekeeping and bee products and is a shareholder in Alchemy Beverages Ltd.

New Zealand Manuka Group

Manuka Plantation and Hive owner. Honey Producer

New Zealand Mānuka Group can trace its history with Mānuka all the way back to the beginning of the Mānuka industry which Phil Caskey helped to establish in the early 1990’s.

Today, New Zealand Mānuka Group is leading the industry into an ever more exciting future through investment in product innovations and scientific research – taking the ancient Mānuka plant to new markets and customers worldwide.

We invite you to be part of this journey with us and share in bringing these exceptional Mānuka honey and oil products to the world.

Phil Caskey. Chairman. " We place community at the center of our vision, developing collaborative relationships and paying back to the communities of land owners, beekeeepers, harvesters and employees"

Our Customers

 Mead and honey beverages are experiencing  a strong resurgence with those looking for a healthier lifestyle balance. Meaderies are now dotted in the trendy dining districts from London to New York